Pitch Black Sight

by Sanguine Glacialis

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    1. Monsters
    2. Funeral of Inner Ashes
    3. Le Cri tragique d'une enfant viciée
    4. Funeral of Inner Ashes (piano version)

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Last EP of the band. Physical copies also available.


released January 23, 2016

All music by Sanguine Glacialis.
Solo on “Monsters” by Francis Lalancette.
Solo on “Funeral for Inner Ashes” by Maxime Legault (session guitar).
All lyrics written by Maude Théberge.
All songs produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Mikaïl Standjofski-Figols.
Album design by Pascale Phaneuf. Picture by Geneviève & Isabelle Boulais



all rights reserved


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Sanguine Glacialis Montréal, Québec

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Sanguine Glacialis shared the stage with Dark Tranquility, Omnium Gatherum, Delain, Necronomicon, Unexpect, Anonymus and many more. The band experiments with multiple musical styles, such as jazz, classical, folkloric music, latin music, etc. while keeping a very strong melodic death metal accent. If you like what you hear, come dance La Valse des condamnés! ... more

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Track Name: Monsters
A pitch black sight
And too many sounds
Giving life to imagination

A moist heat and a strong smell of bloody flesh
Inhuman laughs ringing in my head
Moving through an ocean of corpses
I can only let a sharp cry out

Monsters all around
I want to leave
My mind is dying
Someone, wake me up!

Surrounded by fear
A pitch black sight
And too many sounds
Giving life to what I thought wasn’t real

L’enfer te guette…encore
Une envie brûlante de tuer
Trop grande présence de vie
Ta peur de ridiculise

L’angoisse me joue des tours. Le silence m’assourdit. La noirceur m’aveugle. Une odeur de mort renverse mon estomac. Mes sueurs froides m’ébouillantent. Je dois sortir de mon cadavre et retrouver ma mort.

Who said it wasn’t real?
You really think you can wake up?

Trop grande présence de vie
(Des atrocités rampantes)
Une envie brulante de tuer
(Inutile de courir)
Amuse-toi dans la mort
(Des idées masochistes)
Ta peur te ridiculise
(Désir abusif pour la vie)
L’enfer te guette…encore
(Crever les yeux qui m’observent)
Une folie imaginaire
(En finir avec ma tête)

A nightmare filled with hate
Don’t run, it’s too late
You will die in this nightmare!
Track Name: Funeral for Inner Ashes
Le cortège funèbre avance pour célébrer l’obscurité de mon âme
La noirceur avala ma dernière parcelle de vie
The ashes of my heart are tasteless in never ending misery
It’s a flesh prison in a world that doesn’t care

Like a fire that burned everything inside,
The pain built its presence as a hole through the ribcage

The walls that built emotions are now stained by dead flames
It’s a funeral for a soul not dead yet
The celebration of the vanishing of a vital light
A Funeral for Inner Ashes

It burns inside
Nowhere else to hide
They march for me
For my misery
Dead skin stained black
An absence of life
Full of maggots
A hole for light

La mort s’avance, autour de mon cœur
Une faible lueur grise transparaît
(I can’t even say that my body is alive
It’s the carcass of a lost life)
La hache fend mes os et brûle mon sang
Laissant les ruines d’une vie oubliée
(The feelings of wrath and horror fill this wreck
I now march for my own death)

March for me, my heart
And set yourself free
Track Name: Le Cri tragique d'une enfant viciée
Chained and tortured, the poor muscle melted on the day it learned it couldn’t live what was meant for it
A scream of agony erupted from the darkest of blood
To know all that’s left are the ruins of a neverending maze makes it rotten and corrupted to the core of the mind
Convulsing inside to throw out a sound of torment
Mourning the loss of itself

The unpleasant thought of a perpetual fall
In the somber confusion of a ruined remorse
One last breath torn away from a weak cage
Collapsing under a discomforting weight
A distant sound echoing a tortured soul
The violent shriek of a decayed carcass

Butchering the thoughts of an empty soul only destroys the head of the bearer (who makes)
A violent shriek echoeing the mind, absorbing the strongest of bliss
Provoking the discontent evolves into breaking an innocent heart and throwing it underwater
A faint abstraction of the bleeding pulse growing dead within a melted muscle lost in a rotten maze

La crainte de la mort subite lui fit ravaler ses sanglots masochistes viciés du sombre tourment du nécrophile apeuré. L’aversion ressentie des tréfonds obscènes de sa chair subsistante raviva en elle la présomption délaissée lors de ses actes endoloris d’amour pour une abîme éteinte et vaste. Le doux parfum coagule au touché frigide d’une atmosphère lourde de ressentiments et de troubles avides d’adoration. Une nostalgie sadique qui transfigure la quiétude ressentie lors de l’union brûlante d’une passion béate.

I had a frightful thought
A timeless fall, unending
Incessant, Unchanging
I lost what was once mine
(She lost what she thought was hers)
The most precious of gifts
(Her most precious gift)
Corrupted, Eternal
(The deepest of tortures, Forever)

A blissful agony evocking
A lightless path. A distant sound
Echoeing the crumbled walls
An atmospheric madness
Begging to become alive
The tragic cry of an empty soul