Dancing with a Hanged Man

by Sanguine Glacialis

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    1. Exordium
    2. Goddess of the Frozen Souls
    3. The Buccaneers' Lament
    4. Into the Heart of Chaos
    5. Alice au pays des pendu(le)s
    6. La valse des condamnés
    7. Timeless (part 1)
    8. Timeless (part 2)
    9. The Damned King

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released August 3, 2012



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Sanguine Glacialis Montréal, Québec

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Sanguine Glacialis shared the stage with Dark Tranquility, Omnium Gatherum, Necronomicon, Unexpect, Anonymus and many more. The band experiments with multiple musical styles, such as jazz, classical, folkloric music, latin music, etc. while keeping a very strong melodic death metal accent. If you like what you hear, come dance La Valse des condamnés! ... more

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Track Name: Goddess of the Frozen Souls
La déesse blanche

Shadow in the cold tempest
She wanders in the woods
Alone amongst the beasts
She has never met the snow
She is the screeching wind
That sings a thousand sins
Cries a thousand plagues
Causes a Thousand tears

Lost in the dark
I see her descending
I see a light
Of insidious beauty
Her dead white skin
And her frozen lips
Will be the creator of my torments
For Eternity

Darkness of the north
Queen of the frost
You are the nightmare
Of my cursed host
Darkness of the north
Queen of the frost
On the bridge of death
Give me eternity

On calm mornings
She discovers her beauty
And drops her tears
On the naked branches
But when night falls
She freezes again
And fishes lost souls
In the darkest corners

In a frozen embrace
She gently cradles
The tormented souls
Freezes their last moments
Track Name: The Buccaneers' Lament
Vengeance is a sweet word given to the one who’s been stolen the purpose of his life
Wounded chest and stolen heart as she said “Open up your heart” through the apple of my eye
Killed and destroyed, all that was left of my sanity went swallowed by the deeps of the ocean
Death drinks up to me as the lament flows its way out of my rotten flesh

Au-delà de l’eau qui dort
La mort nous écorche et nous tord
Chantons tous pour rester forts
Buvons à notre triste sort

Open up your heart
‘Cause we are here for you
Raise your glasses high
And drink up to death
Listen to my voice
And follow the ocean
I will be your guide
Through your eternal journey

Why not stand up high and fight for what we believe in before it’s taken away?
Vengeance is what is needed for the dead corpse of my happiness lying unto the darkness
Shall we not take the blame for them who caused all this sadness and avenge what was dear
Men, women and children, raise your glasses high and drink to our misfortune
Track Name: Into the Heart of Chaos
How deep our feelings can be throughout this pain?
When we hate enough our distress is haunting

We are drowning in the ocean
Spinning in these endless waters
Heads high, we must breath
Into the heart of chaos
(We are caught into the heart of disorder
We are enslaved into the heart of chaos)

Pushing away leaves us alone in the end
Honourable bliss isn’t revenge’s duty

C’est si beau de voir la peur, de voir la peur dans tes yeux
Chagrine un enfant qui pleure, pleure la mort de sa conscience
Il saigne encore le flot de paroles obscènes, incomprises
Brûle toujours le liquide creux ravalé de la rancune
Enfant criant les oreilles bouchées tend vers l’ignorance
Voir ta rage, vivre ta rage complète ceux qui la contemple
(Into the heart of chaos!)

Look into ourselves to see through our hearts
Why would we drown when we can lift our heads up?

Heads high, we must breath
Heart clean, we have faith
Hate free, we must love
Into the heart of serenity
(We are caught into the heart of disorder
We are enslaved into the heart of chaos)
Track Name: Alice au pays des pendu(le)s
Elle s’enfuit dans les bois
Les morts suspendus la regardent
Ce soir, elle ne rentre pas chez elle
Poursuivie par le temps, elle….oh,oh.

Drown into the darkness
Prove them that you deserve
To see your path enlightened
With the help of your own light
(Alice au pays des pendules (Alice))

You don’t have the time to choose anymore
A darkened vision shows before you
We see you and we hear you
Your fright is smelled beyond horror

T’es-tu perdue?
Est-ce que tu t’es perdu dans le monde des pendules?
Pour retrouver ton chemin, suit la mort
Tu n’as pas le temps de choisir
Tu n’as pas confiance en ta lumière
Tu as trahi ta lanterne
Fais vite!
Le temps s’enfuit loin de toi
Tu n’as pas le temps de choisir
Oh, Alice

Alice au pays des pendules (Alice)

Don’t lose yourself on the way
Petite, if you get lost, we’ll have you
Darkness swallows your naivety
The burning wax drips on your fingers

Je veux ta vie brûlée! (souffre)
Le temps te quitte, c’est la mort ici (meurt)

Je veux que tu souffres!
Je veux que tu meurs!
Track Name: La Valse des condamnés
Venez avec moi valser
Dans cette ronde endiablée
Dans le cortège des réprimés
Dansons pour l'éternité
Criminels, soldats, pestiférés
Aristocrates et anciens rois
Lépreux, esclaves et prostituées
Hantent la valse des condamnés

Oublions nos vies passées
Elles ont cessé d'exister
Nous sommes morts et enterrés
Dansons la valse des condamnés

Déchets du monde, morts-vivants
Ils sont l'ombre de leur passé
Fantômes d'un autre temps
Âmes déchues et déchirées
Sur des accords dissonants
Et des mélodies oubliées
Ils dansent leur passé sanglant
La dernière valse des condamnés

C'est une ronde éternelle
Virevoltant, tournoyant
Dans un rythme sensuel
Enchanteur, envoûtant
C'est une ronde démentielle
D'outre-tombe jaillissant
Où s’entraînent les mortels
Dans un fracas assourdissant
Track Name: Timeless (part 1)
This is the story of my misfortune
I will tell you the events of my painful death
Horror as follows isn’t for the faint of heart
Hatred fills those blood inked words
Listen, my friends, for you are about to enter
A dark world filled with tortured shadows

Once a tormented soul
Left out in the dark, alone
I must let my heart beat

And he feels his jaw tightening
While she senses her heart beating
He pushes his way through
She runs deeper into the crowd
He is so near, he desires, merciless
But she’s falling down, incapable
He takes his time to torture her
She is left under his deadly grip

I know the words aren’t clear
Still, they express his madness
You see what happened to me?
Wait, don’t go. I’m not finished yet

A faintly enlightened man
A lying, evil monster
His wrong actions destroyed me

What he did to me was horrible
No one should live through a hell like this
Being raped again and again...
It’s a psychological and physical distress
A brutal and hateful madness
This demon will suffer his own medicine
I plan on haunting him...
I tried to escape
He beat me
My blood flowed out of me
I ran and ran again
The monster gave me his final blow
This is the reason why I died
Track Name: Timeless (part 2)
He knew I'd come back
Deep inside, he felt the fear
Felt I'd crawl back to his disgusting guts
Well here I am, and I'm far from finished

I was torn appart
Pain has never been so sharp
My broken bones
And distorted muscles
Built my suffering

Like a dismembered doll, she lied, face down
Watching a tortured corpse bathe in blood
Felt like a warm touch on this rotten flesh
Through his crimson grin appeared his fever
A faint beauty of terrible, horrible madness
He went away with innocent life stuck on his fingers

Being a ghost, imperceptible, an irritating presence
(Words aren't enough to describe)
It is a blessed gift to the dark corners of my burning vengeance
(How horrible of a monster I am)
In a time space where life was struck by hatred
Abomination makes universe timeless

I will burn your illness
Your shriek is a melody
To my disturbed hearing
I will break you
And enjoy the show

You! Filthy insect carved face full of maggots!
Your dead blood runs deep inside your rotten flesh
Your life means nothing but a blurred sight
I'll make your world fall in darkness

The face of fear has never been so clear
The shadow of Death only could calm my distress
I see the shaking of his sinner body
He will be tormented even through eternal sleep

The Scriptures say he is here
For all of us, even for
A darkened soul like you.
Track Name: The Damned King
In the drowning darkness
I remember my past life
How many times have I been betrayed
Criticized, humiliated and destroyed?
I was before strong and worshiped
Noble, respected monarch
I had my people at their knees
I was the undisputed master

Lilith, Cruel black virgin
Listen to my prayer, I beg you (Ô Lilith)
Come on these cursed lands
Unleash your wrath, avenge my corpse (Ô Lilith)
I invoke you with all my power
Take away the death of your noble servant (Ô Lilith)
Strong and impetuous goddess
These cursed lands are no longer sacred

I was dethroned, captured
I was chained, tortured
In a thousand pieces, amputated
In my grave, imprisoned
I scream my pain in silence
I fear my helplessness
I can’t hope for vengeance
I see the end of my existence

Laugh and feast little damned people
Merciless Lilith will come and take you
In a blood bath, you will rot
Your cursed land will be slaughtered
(Votre terre maudite sera massacrée)